After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.

The quote above, from author Philip Pullman, resonates with me.  We cannot disconnect ourselves from story anymore than we can disconnect ourselves from the air we breathe. We are living story. I can’t help but feel passionately about the way story unites us. Story reminds us we are all equal. No one is better than another because each has something to share.  Story provides us with meaning and hope and mission and vision and freedom, and that is exactly what I hope you will find here.


Story #1 – Homegirl and Her McFlurry

Story #2 – Champagne and Bacon

Story #3 An Inconvenient Truth

Story #4 What They Called Me

Story #5Lonely

Story #6Navigating the Grey

Story #7For the Ladies

Story #8Even Greater Things

Story #9The Time I Prayed for a Cow

Story #10Rearview Mirror

Story #11The Great Exchange

Story #12Catching Kayla

Story #13The Year of Taking Chances

Story #14Last Night

Do you have a story that could encourage the world? Consider sharing it! I would love to hear from you.