When I turned twenty-five, I had a quarter-life crisis. I panicked in the realization that 1/4 of my life (or more) was over. As the inevitable dawned on me, I decided I had a powerful choice. I could live in dread and lament growing older, or I could embrace life and celebrate it. As I debated this, I recognized that there were many things in my life that I feared and I wondered what it might be like to embrace all of them. It was daring. It was scary. That is when my “Year of Taking Chances” began. You can read more about that year here. Since that time, taking risks has become something of a habit for me.

Are you up for a challenge? Join me on the journey.

#1 – Make Peace

#2 – Feel the Pain

#3 – Show Compassion

#4 – Be Still 

#5 – Basic Training

#6 – Breathe

#7 – Build Community

#8 – Gratitude Kills Badditude

#9 – Let Your Yes Be Yes

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