// Mission //

My name is Sarah Sterling Spegal and I’m on a mission to encourage the world. I believe that in this life everyone struggles, but not everyone struggles well.


// Vision //

My vision is that this would be a place where people find and share rest, encouragement, laughter, challenges and inspiration as they learn to struggle well.


// Me //

I am a Minnesota girl who fell passionately in love with Philadelphia. I caught my first glimpse of the city in 2010 and just months later quit my job, packed up my car and drove across the United States for this place I now call home. I thrive on its vibe, its people, its food, its history, its triumphs. I enjoy contributing to its rich culture through my own writing, music, storytelling, and personality. To learn more about me, take a look around the blog or follow me here. I look forward to sharing life with you!